Make Sure Your Teeth Stay Bright After Your Treatment

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Everyone wants a dazzling, bright smile. There are plenty of gels, strips and rinses on the shelves of most retail stores that tout their ability to deliver white teeth. Some brands of toothpaste also claim the ability to whiten your smile. However, there is no guarantee that all of these products will be able to do what they claim, and some of them may not be suitable, or safe for you.

For a whitening treatment that is safe, and effective, you need to talk with your dentist about an in-office, or chairside whitening treatment. After masking your gums with a protective gel or covering, your dentist will place a whitening gel on your teeth. The gel contains peroxide, and is activated by a special light. That gel will break up the stains so that they are less noticeable. Your dentist may also give you kit to use at home to ensure that your smile remains shiny.

The kit your dentist gives you will help to maintain your new look. However, there are other things that you can do to ensure that your teeth do not become discolored. Tobacco will stain your teeth, and nicotine will turn them yellow. A great way to celebrate the new look for your teeth is to give up smoking or tobacco use!

Dark colored and acidic foods and beverages can also discolor your teeth. However, drinking water will help wash the acids and stains from your mouth. Leafy green vegetables will coat your teeth with a protective film to repel stains. Crunchy fruits and vegetables will scrub your teeth and hard cheese will clean your teeth, and it contains calcium which will keep your smile strong.

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