Halloween Tips

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Your oral health is very important to us. As much as we want you to have an enjoyable Halloween season, we remind you always to make sure you keep your smile safe. You can still enjoy yourself without going overboard. Your options for a healthy smile during Halloween include asking yourself these important questions:

– If candy is present, have you been switching it out for healthier options such as fruits and vegetables?
– Do you have a candy plan in place to ensure you and your loved ones do not go overboard for Halloween?
– Have you been limiting snacks between meals?
– Have you been actively avoiding products that promote tooth decay, including hard candies that that linger in your mouth long after consumption?
– Do you avoid substances that are extremely acidic, such as sugary fruit drinks or sour candies?
– Have you routinely had your professional cleanings done every 6 months?
– Have you been using cleaning products that are dentist approved or feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance?
– Have you been visiting your dentist for routine checkups and oral examinations?
– Do you dispose of excess candy after the holidays?
– Do you always brush and wash your mouth out after eating sugary sweets?

From all the cavity crusaders at Alan L. Frame, D.D.S., we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!
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