Can a Dental Crown Restoration Repair Your Damaged Tooth?

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A dental crown or “cap” is permanently cemented into place by your dentist, to cover the part of the tooth (or dental implant) above the gum line. Unlike a dental filling, which serves to fix a part of a tooth, a crown is essentially the tooth’s surface. The result? A natural-looking and functioning tooth.

You may need a crown if you have a damaged tooth which requires strengthening or repairing. They are often used to repair broken teeth, or teeth that have extensive tooth decay or a root canal treatment. This is possible because crowns can reinforce and strengthen weakened teeth, depending on the material used.

Dental crowns can be created using a variety of different material. Porcelain, dental ceramic, metal, or a porcelain-fused-to-metal combination. Your dentist can help you determine the right material for your needs.

Crowns are created in a lab using impressions of your teeth. Because the lab technician works from these impressions, they can simulate bite and jaw movements to better sculpt the dental crown.

In comparison, fillings (amalgam or dental bonding) typically can’t provide a substantial reinforcing effect for a tooth to the same degree.

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