Optimum Smile Construction: Teeth Whitening Treatments

To receive the oral health care your smile needs, it is essential to always make sure your teeth and gums are cleaned thoroughly. This includes severe oral health risks associated with having unsightly teeth and gums. However, if your teeth are cleaned and are simply stained or discolored, you may... Read more »

Habits to Avoid for Positive Oral Health

Habits play a considerable role in our lives. Habits affect how we eat, live, play, and our preferences in handling emotions like anxiety and stress. Some habits are helpful to keep your oral health in tip-top shape like brushing and flossing each day. Yet, there are other habits like chewing... Read more »

Diet Tips for Teeth

Do you know keeping a healthy diet can improve the health of your teeth? Well, it’s true! There are foods that can help and hinder your oral health, which is why keeping a healthy diet can help keep your smile strong too. As a result, our dentist, Dr. Alan L.... Read more »

A Dental Checkup Can Detect Oral Hygiene Problems

Your daily routine needs to include brushing your teeth twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You also need to remember to thoroughly floss your teeth at least once each day. These simple measures can help remove plaque, bacteria, food debris and acids deposits before they can... Read more »

Caring for Your Teeth with Invisalign®

  If you are seeking to dramatically improve your smile, it is important to visit your orthodontist to determine if any malocclusions are present. If you are suffering from any form of bad bites or misalignments, you may require an orthodontic aligner system. One of the most effective and popular... Read more »

Can a Dental Crown Restoration Repair Your Damaged Tooth?

A dental crown or "cap" is permanently cemented into place by your dentist, to cover the part of the tooth (or dental implant) above the gum line. Unlike a dental filling, which serves to fix a part of a tooth, a crown is essentially the tooth's surface. The result? A... Read more »

The Benefits of Whitening Your Smile With Professional At-Home Whitening

Are you considering whitening your smile with the teeth whitening treatment our dentist, Dr. Alan L. Frame, offers at the office of Alan L. Frame, D.D.S.? If so, good choice in treatment! This treatment can help you reach the smile you desire and it can also benefit you along the... Read more »

Care for Your Smile by Learning About Cavity Prevention Treatments

  To keep your smile safe from the risk of dental damage, an oral hygiene routine will be needed. Not only will you need to use safe and effective tools, but you need to be employing the proper cleaning procedures to effectively rid your mouth of any harmful acids and... Read more »

Five DIY Tips That Can Improve Your Smile Instantly

If you feel your smile looks dull or unappealing but you can’t visit your dentist just yet, we invite you to try one or more of these five tips to enhance your smile instantly at home: 1. Hydrate your lips with lip balm. Your smile can be overshadowed by dry,... Read more »

A Front Tooth Cavity May Benefit From a Composite Dental Filling

The teeth in the front of your mouth are very important to the function and appearance of your smile. They work to bite off food, and their appearance plays many roles in your facial expressions. If these teeth develop tooth decay, Dr. Alan L. Frame may be able to repair... Read more »